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Cat’s Hill

Phipps Podiums again at Cat’s Hill

Hans & Dan,
Sorry you guys had a rough day. I know I didn’t help any.
Here’s my brief report: I never know what to expect at this race, in my 5 previous attempts, it’s finished in a pack sprint 3 times and I’ve been in a break twice.  I’ve been riding strong lately, so I was confident that I’d be able to get away again.  A lot of guys stress how important it is to line up at the front of this race, but I actually prefer to line up near the back and use the first 3 laps to warm up.  A small break got a little gap on the 2nd lap, but wasn’t too far ahead, so I started moving up.  We caught them on the 3rd lap & then slowed, so I went to the front for the descent. 

They rang the bell for a 2 place prime on lap 4 so I stayed on the front & picked up the pace.  I think I led the whole lap until Jeromy Cottell (Pen Velo) jumped in front of me for the prime, but I was still second.  After he sat up though, I just kept going.  I didn’t look back much, and after another lap I think it was just Gil (Michael David Winery) and Jason Walker (Specialized) with me.  They took a couple short pulls, but I really wanted us to open a gap on the pack, so I took a few long hard pulls.  On the next lap (a prime), Dean LaBerge (Specialized)  bridged across solo & took the prime, then I went to the front again & he must have sat up.  Once we had a decent lead, I started giving my break mates the chicken wing, but they weren’t too interested in helping & the pack was still in sight, so I just kept going full gas & attacking after the top of each climb, but was never able to get more than a few bike lengths ahead.  I didn’t slow down until we had a 30 sec lead with a lap to go, but by then it was too late to play games with them & they both beat me in the sprint. 
They were both apologetic (especially Gil), for just sitting on my wheel, but I didn’t hold it against them.  Also, they let me take the 3 primes & didn’t come around me as I led through the start/finish line.  Gil didn’t work because Walker wasn’t and Walker was afraid I’d attack if he pulled (which I would) & he had LaBerge in the field if we got caught.

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