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Silver City, New Mexico!

Gallardo Goes Golden in Silver City, New Mexico!

After a 5 day epic battle, Ken Gallardo puts himself on the top step by over 3 minutes to take a convincing win at the prestigious Tour of the Gila.  Ken’s race reports to follow soon.

Team mates Ron Castia and Alex Osborne did very well while contributing to Ken’s outstanding result.  Alex had a superb 4th place finish in the 50+ race.

Ron Castia, Ken Gallardo, Alex Osborne

Cat’s Hill

Phipps Podiums again at Cat’s Hill

Hans & Dan,
Sorry you guys had a rough day. I know I didn’t help any.
Here’s my brief report: I never know what to expect at this race, in my 5 previous attempts, it’s finished in a pack sprint 3 times and I’ve been in a break twice.  I’ve been riding strong lately, so I was confident that I’d be able to get away again.  A lot of guys stress how important it is to line up at the front of this race, but I actually prefer to line up near the back and use the first 3 laps to warm up.  A small break got a little gap on the 2nd lap, but wasn’t too far ahead, so I started moving up.  We caught them on the 3rd lap & then slowed, so I went to the front for the descent. 

They rang the bell for a 2 place prime on lap 4 so I stayed on the front & picked up the pace.  I think I led the whole lap until Jeromy Cottell (Pen Velo) jumped in front of me for the prime, but I was still second.  After he sat up though, I just kept going.  I didn’t look back much, and after another lap I think it was just Gil (Michael David Winery) and Jason Walker (Specialized) with me.  They took a couple short pulls, but I really wanted us to open a gap on the pack, so I took a few long hard pulls.  On the next lap (a prime), Dean LaBerge (Specialized)  bridged across solo & took the prime, then I went to the front again & he must have sat up.  Once we had a decent lead, I started giving my break mates the chicken wing, but they weren’t too interested in helping & the pack was still in sight, so I just kept going full gas & attacking after the top of each climb, but was never able to get more than a few bike lengths ahead.  I didn’t slow down until we had a 30 sec lead with a lap to go, but by then it was too late to play games with them & they both beat me in the sprint. 
They were both apologetic (especially Gil), for just sitting on my wheel, but I didn’t hold it against them.  Also, they let me take the 3 primes & didn’t come around me as I led through the start/finish line.  Gil didn’t work because Walker wasn’t and Walker was afraid I’d attack if he pulled (which I would) & he had LaBerge in the field if we got caught.

Panoche Valley Road Race 45+ 123

Klein comes up BIG at Panoche Valley Road Race

Kevin Klein, Jay Klein & Hans Gouwens
A good weekend for IDTB, both at Wente & Panoche. Great work to all who raced, and congrats to those who placed well. Regarding the 45+123 at Panoche yesterday, the five of us, Arthur, Hans, Joe, Max, & myself had a successful race. No flats or other mishaps, and at 1,3,5,6,8 finishing positions, pretty sweet. Hans was to be the man for this race. From the start, Arthur took to pace setting. They let him have a little room a time or two, but, of course Arthur is known, and they didn’t allow that to continue. I went up to take a turn, looked back after a minute or so, and saw I’d been allowed to roll off the front. I thought, well okay, I guess I’ll be the sacrificial lamb, and do a little solo work. You know, it’s nice to be zero threat to the pack. No one cared, and I’m sure my teammates were back there keeping the friendly ride conversation going and the pace pedestrian. From there, it just became a game to see how long I could go before being caught, could I make it 1 h! our, could I make up around this next bend and still not see anyone behind me? There were no reports for the gap, so all just speculation, but I sensed, I was being given a big leash. This was confirmed from the guys afterwards. Sounds like the race didn’t really kick in until the climb up the pass leading to the turnaround. Guessing from where I saw everyone after the turnaround, I think I was allowed over 10 minutes. Still, even with that big allowance, when I started hitting the wind, I assumed it was just a matter of time before company arrived. Just worked to keep the effort steady, the calories and fluids coming in, and the game continuing. Made it 2 hours, can I make it 2.5? When I saw the 10k sign, I really thought the train was still going to catch me, but the game of seeing how long I could stay away began to change, I started to want more. If I got caught, could I still hang on for a good finish? When I saw 5k, and took a good look behind ! and still didn’t see anyone, I finally started to think maybe. Finally, at 1k, and still couldn’t see anyone coming from behind, I decided I was indeed going to be the recipient of this fine gift. This would not have happened had I not had 4 strong teammates discouraging the group behind. I’m certain, Kevin Klein in particular would have led the posse and hunted me down. Arthur and Hans kept him in check. Yea, Kevin came in ahead of Hans in their two man finish, but Hans didn’t put up much fight either. The generous thing to do after I’m sure wearing him down mentally and physically while trying to bridge. Sure, I’ll work, but with the following stipulations (: Very happy with our team’s results, and personally feeling really good bout the W; thank you teammates, it wouldn’t have happened without you. I’d be great if some of you could add some to how things went down. For me, no max heart rate, but a pretty decent average.

Thanks Jay,I’ll add a few lines since you didn’t see us all day 😉 We had 18 starters for a hot, windy ride in beautiful Panoche Valley. When Jay rolled away I figured that Sierra Pacific Racing or ArtsCyclery would put a guy at the front to set a tempo and at least keep Jay insight, but 2 miles into his solo effort Jay already had 1 min 35 and nobody in the group wanted to be at the front. Eric Saltzman (SJBC) won the race in 2010, was second to Larry Nolan in 2011 and seemed to be the only guy willing to set pace at the first main climb. His tempo was pretty mellow so nobody got dropped on the first climb. After that Rick Martyn (Max’s former team mate at VOS) attacked a few times, but we had no problem covering. Once we hit the flat section before the turnaround point it became clear Jay was nowhere to be seen and the two ArtCyclery guys Blake Reed and Patrick Hampton took turns attacking, but ! without any serious power to get away far enough from Arthur who pretty much shut everything down. Klein, Vetterli, and Martin were getting more and more frustrated and just before the nasty climb to the turnaround point Klein found a friend in Vetterli. Vetterli attacked first which wasn’t very convincing, but when Klein countered it was full gas. Arthur got on his wheel, while I let a gap open and forced Saltzman, Reed, and Vetterli to lead the group up the climb. Once Arthur and Klein had a good gap I jumped across. This is where the race really started.As soon as we did our 180 degree turn Kevin Klein, Arthur, and myself kept the pace high to get back over the climb to maintain our 8-10 second lead. Halfway up the climb Arthur fell off the pace, while Klein powered through. I was barely able to stay on his wheel, but managed to survive and recover some on the down hill. Since Jay was way up the road I was happy to work with Klein to stay away from the chasers behind us, but I made it clear to him that if we were to see Jay that I couldn’t work with him any longer. 

The next 30 miles became a cat-and-mouse game to make sure I could stay ahead of the chase group (Reed, Vetterli, a Pacific guy, while Arthur and Max got a free ride) while making sure we wouldn’t catch Jay.Klein initially yelled at me for not going fast enough, but finally understood that I couldn’t work with him any more than needed to stay ahead of others. When it became clear that Jay was going to win we actually had a very civil 2 man time trail. I even told him that I would start my sprint early because I don’t have a sprint and that he could come around anytime.  
I’m such a nice guy 😉  What a fun day in the sun!

Wente Road Race

Gallardo close to Win at Wente
The original plan was for Dyrwal to be The Man today but he had to work so everyone looked to me to step up and deliver. The new plan (executed by teammates Scobie, McQuaid and Daly) was to keep me protected, cover any dangerous breaks and basically repeat last year where I got into a small group on the last lap and then ripped up the climb. The first lap was pretty animated with Rob Anderson of Specialized taking a solo flyer but the field wasn’t about to let one of them up the road with Roemer, Metcalfe and one other guy able to sit in. Corey did a great job of riding a strong tempo almost the whole first lap so Brenon and I were able to stay close to the front but keep out of the wind. So there were a few more attacks here and there but we were all together as we started the 2nd lap. The climb was a little faster this time and I got away with about 10 strong guys including Andres Gil who looked really strong. We had no cohesion so we got caught and then Andres launched again. This time we all looked at each other and decided he could go solo for a while.

We kept him in sight for a while but then apathy set in and it was cruising time. A small group attacked and got a gap on the flat road heading back towards the start and a couple more guys bridged up to it. They weren’t making great headway so the field seemed content to continue on cruise control.
3rd time up the climb is tough and we hear that Andres is 2 mins up the road. Hmm…not good. Every now and then we see the chase group and halfway through this lap a concerted chase develops with me, Eropkin and Theobald of Safeway and somebody from Folsom Bikes doing a lot of work. A few solo guys like Josh Dapice of Audi and a Fremont Bank guy help out too and our average speed finally starts picking up.
We hit the climb for the 4th time and I’m expecting fireworks but it’s pretty steady and not too fast. Hmm…guys are really feeling the heat… On the other hand I finally start to feel good and when we hit the crosswind false flat I go to the front and put in a hard dig. Gaps open and suddenly I see the break in front of us. We catch them at the bottom of the descent and then the attacks begin again. Brenon is still with me and covers a few and I do the same. I wind up in what looks like a promising break with Weissenberger, Gil, Roemer and a couple other guys but we’re reeled in near the start. Hernando attacks and another guy goes with him but I’m not in the mood to let anything go so I get to the front and go full throttle to pull them back and then keep the field lined out as we turn under the freeway. About halfway up this stretch I look back and see we still have a big group so I pull off and drift back to Brenon. He says he’s not feeling great so I get in his draft and start jockeying for position approaching the final climb.
We make the turn and I’m a little farther back than I should be…about 10th. Jeromy Cottell of Pen Velo makes a strong surge with Gil on his wheel and all I can do is watch Gil go. I get around a couple guys and hit the gas hard. There’s another guy I didn’t see between me and Gil who I pass with about 300m to go. I can see Weissenberger and a couple others behind me so I hit the big ring and go all in and manage to hold onto 2nd.

Lessons learned – position, position, position. A little less work and a few spots closer to the front and I’m sprinting with Gil instead of watching him sit up and celebrate. Still I feel like I rode really strongly and feel ready to take on Prado at Tour of the Gila next week.
Ken G
In the women Cat 3 race Tanya Fredericks got on the podium with a fine third place finish!