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Anne Valta Solo Victory at Wente Vineyards RR Classics 2015

Impressive solo effort by Anne Valta to win at Wente.
Impressive solo effort by Anne Valta to win at Wente.


Teammates: Kim, Leila, Meredith and Monica

Conditions: 80s, not too windy
Results: 1st, 5th, 7th, 10th
I was happy to have company in this race which is one of my favorites in the calendar. Because we only had two laps (35miles) to race I made a risky plan. I told the lady Bears I would attack on the bottom of Carroll on the first lap and see what happens. I was hoping that I could pull Camille De-Luca Flaherty (SJBC), my biggest rival for this race, with me and we could work together to stay away.
Kim told us she would lead us to the bottom of the hill. The rest of the Bears settled in behind her. I right behind Camille, ready for action. As we approached the right turn to Carroll, Camille accelerated to take the lead, myself in tow. As soon as we made the turn and the road got steeper I accelerated hard off the saddle. The race was on! I heard some f-words behind me (seriously!) and I knew the attack had taken the pack by surprise. I was quickly feeling the hard effort in my legs and lungs (lactic acid anyone?) but I kept pushing until the climb flattened out a little. As I sat down and looked behind me I saw a gap about 75ft. I knew I had to keep the tempo up to make this work so I committed and kept going as fast as I dared until I got to the sharp right turn onto S Flynn. I was told I had 35 seconds on a chase group of 3. Not confident with that but very close to burning my last matches I told myself to settle in and try to save some energy on the downhill.
Just when I was starting to think I made a huge mistake and would be swallowed any second I got the second update: 50 seconds. I couldn’t believe it, this might just work! When I got to Greenville Rd. I realized I wouldn’t have a tailwind, but instead would have to work a little harder to keep the tempo high. Fortunately, it wasn’t one of those “blow your hair off” -days this year :), also there were lots of other riders on the course at this point, and I tried blend in as much as possible so my chasers would have a hard time finding me.By the time I got on top of Carroll on the second lap I finally started feeling pretty good and my legs had recovered. Right after turning to Patterson Pass I got a word that I had 2 minutes on the chase group. It was time to enjoy my time trial!

I took a crazy risk but I wanted to see if it could work. Bear ladies had a great showing with everyone racing hard (sorry Meredith for flattening out on the second lap 🙁
Meredith, Still with a smile after a flat.
Meredith, Still with a smile after a flat.
Later we enjoyed burritos, cup cakes and beer to celebrate Leila’s birthday and a fun day racing!

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