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ThirstyBears Max & Alan go 1 and 2 at Chico Stage Race 2015

Alan & Max pulling the pack. Photo: Alex Chiu
Alan & Max pulling the pack. Photo: Alex Chiu

Chico Stage race Mens 55 1,2,3 Report:

Thirstybears: Alan Roberts and me

Stage1 Road race: 45mi (shortest RR ever)

Weather: partly cloudy, cool but perfect for racing, headwind at gravel, tailwind finish.

Field: Approx 35 guys

Saturday Feb 28th, 2:45pm

This was my first ever 55’s road race, wasn’t sure what to expect, Alan made me aware that there’s not much team work in these races(really, come on!). the 2 teams with 6 and 4 were 3′ it’s the law and Audi (I think), a few other teams with 3 guys but they didn’t do much. There was one guy riding for Bahati (LA Crit guys) and he was about 250lbs,   I’ll hand him credit later in the race. Alan and I decided to stay near the front, watch for early attacks, then punch it out of the gravel and try to get rid of some guys. We started off and from the gun 4 guys went up the road(Bahati, 3’, 2 other s), great let the other teams chase, only 3’ had a guy up there so others had to ramp it up, no problem they did. It was Fairly uneventful with the 4 up the road within site. Got to the gravel and I took a little dig at the front to test these guys, some others came up, Alan took a few digs. , we started to catch the guys in the break. With them in site, I did a hard effort and passed them, got near to the end of the gravel, hoped Alan was nearby, we lost a few in the gravel then made the right onto pavement and I went as hard as I could barely made it by the right side of a slow group of guys ahead(had about 2’ to get by), Alan came charging up the left, plan is working we’re hurting the field as hoped, get over the little hill in 3 mins(dang I needed another 15min of climbing!!) good thing is we have about 15 guys now. Pace is steady down the valley, some minor attacks, then we get neutralized 3+ times! A group was passing us then we’d pass them, trouble is the stragglers got back on as did just about everyone(so much for our mini mega efforts). Referee was holding us for at least 4mins (frustration) while going about 7mi an hour downhill. We make the right and now it’s only 8mi or so, no attacks, no one working, then it’s 4mi to go, a few half hearted attacks, Alan and I sitting near the front to make sure no one important goes up the road. There was last year’s winner(Dave Montgomery) in the field 2nd and 3rd place from last year also. We watched them mostly 3’ guys. This is where something really goofy happened, Bahati guy (Anthony) rolls off the front not hard, everyone watches, I ask the teams aren’t you going to go after him it’s only 2mi to go, everyone’s looking around! Im not going after him because he’s no threat to me and it puts the other teams under pressure. It was laughable on their part not to chase him down. Anthony is gone from site now (smart gamble!)as we come inside 3k to go, everyone’s jockeying, 1 k to go! Ramping it up, I’m 2nd wheel, 200’ hill coming, can’t see finish, decide to hit this hill sub sprint pace but shake some guys off, no one comes around. Then I see the finish, guys start passing me, Jonathan Laine (3’) passes me fast, he’s gone, 2 others pass then I go all out and pass them back for 3rd in the field sprint (wish I would’ve known there was another hill after the 1st! (Dohh). Bahati 1st, Jonathan Laine 2nd, I’m happy with 3rd about 12 sec down, perfect! Alan finishes 7th right behind me.

Stage 2 Downtown Crit 30min (so embarrassingly short!!)

Weather: 12-15mph wind, cool, sunny

28 starters, lost 7 yesterday

Sunday March 1st 9:25

The Crit is a 6 corner course, smooth, fun fast. Race got going late after a crash from previous category (guy landed on his face!), pace was steady, not very fast, Alan got up front ramped it up, I cruised around In the top 5 at the front, a few break attempts got brought back. Nothing much to speak of, pace was steady not that fast, guess they were saving it for the TT. Have to say it was a very safe race. Alan got a few primes, then with 2 to go, we both got at near the front, Bahati takes a jump, get’s swarmed with .5 laps to go, Alan is in front going into turn 5, then bumps up the speed, I move up to 3rd wheel, no one comes around, we hit the last turn fast, Alan is rocketing up to the line, guy in front of me fades, pass him Alan WINS! I cross the line about right next to him for 2nd. Thirsty Bear is warming up now!! I’m very happy for Alan and our team! Next up TT

Alan & Max – 1 & 2 at Chico Crit
Alan & Max – 1 & 2 at Chico Crit

Stage 3 Time trial 10mi

Weather: wind 12-15mph (Northwest) perfect clear day.

Sunday 1:00pm

Didn’t have enough warm up,   got to my start, all good, I felt sluggish for the first 4mi (tailwind). Decided to just get in the pain cave at mile 5 and see what my legs would do. Going into the cross headwind I started pushing it, each mile closer to 10 I’d get my power up a little more, 7mi to go, pain cave, dig, 8mi, harder, 9mi (can’t see finish).   Get over the line, thought I’d goofed the TT up. Find out I WON Alan got 3rd in the TT and SO we got 1st and 2nd GC!! Another great weekend of racing!!


Max winning the Chico TT with Alan finishing 3rd. 
Max winning the Chico TT with Alan finishing 3rd. 


Also well done race by Holger, Scot, Chris, DQ, Jason, Moritz, Jacob and Piers.

Holger – Solo breakaway at Chico Stage Race. Photo: <a href="">Alex Chiu</a>
Holger – Solo breakaway at Chico Stage Race. Photo: Alex Chiu

I want to also thank our many gracious sponsors (the big ones Akamai, Cogniance, Cloudmade, Sutter Health Novato and everyone else!), Hans, Kyle and Eric for all they do without them all the team wouldn’t be the same!

Thankful for all the support!!

Max Thompson



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