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Close but no luck for Jan “Sprint King” at US Nationals Master Crit 40-44

Jan in front at US Nationals Master Crit
Jan in front at US Nationals Master Crit
62 starters
Teammates: Corey S. and Jason G.
This year I wanted to focus on the crit, The year had many ups and downs for me personally and with cycling. My plan was like last year fly in the day before, race and then fly home. Luckily our teammate Alan Roberts has a big van, the Pelophant, that carried most of our bikes to Ogden. He had a total of 15 bikes in there allowing me to just fly in.
I got to the house that Alan found on Friday and was swept away by the awesome atmosphere that was going on in the house. Everyone was smiling, joking and in a great mood. It was very infectious. Once I unpacked I went for a little ride with Piers, Alan and Corey. During our ride we stopped by the award ceremony for Chris’ second National Championship the road race.
That night all 15 Bears went to dinner, and again we had such a great time talking eating and hanging out.
Saturday – race day! There was a bit of energy in the house. Crits can be nerve racking for people, but I absolutely love them. Also being in the house around all these awesome people I was able to stay calm and relaxed all day til race time at 5:30pm.
Corey Jason and I spent 40 minutes rolling around Ogden for a nice warm up. Went back to the house to pack some ice in our pockets to stay cool before the race. We went to the course and lined up against the best in the country. This race was going to be tough, but we were ready and had a good game plan.
The whistle blew and we were off. The race was fast right from the start. Guys were trying to launch break aways, but things were too fast. Then a good move went and I went across with two others. It was a larger group about 10 guys. It was Jason and me from ThirstyBear. We were off for a while but then were reeled back in.
A few more attacks and a small group got away, however the big team wasn’t represented. At this point I knew it was going to be a field sprint so I relaxed and rode in the field. Jason and Corey surfed the front. Both doing great work helping to bring back the break. I couldn’t ask for two stronger or better teammates.
Coming into the last laps, the break away was caught and we were all setting up for the sprint. I was well positioned in the last lap and found Charon’s wheel. He was the odds on favorite. I sat right on his wheel about 5th wheel in the last lap. As we came around the course, in the second to last corner (about 300M from the finish) Charon and the guy in front of him crash. Right in front of me. I narrowly avoid going down myself. I had to break hard, then I tried to sprint to go for the line but my rear tire came off my rim and I couldn’t go any further. My race was unfortunately done.
Jason pushing the pace at US Nationals Master Crit
Jason pushing the pace at US Nationals Master Crit
I really want to thank Corey and Jason for their hard work. We were oh so close to a podium spot.
And to all my other Bears. Thank you for cheering and supporting me all year long.
To all the sponsors a big thank you for letting us race our bikes.
Congrats to all the ThirstyBears that raced at Nationals. This was such an amazing experience. This team really has something special going on.

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