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ExSTRAVAganza. Tools for Strava fanatics

As Strava have grown in popularity so has the number of 3rd party strava tools that make use of the Strava API. Below is a list of the most popular ones. Please leave a comment if you are aware of others.

1. Veloviewer The most comprehensive analytical tool for Strava. Providing summary and detailed insights to rides, segments in graphs and on map. You can read all about it on their blog.

Signature image from Veloviewer.

2. KOM Notification Service by Jonathan O’keeffe. Follow any of the top ten positions on the leaderboard for a Strava segment, and get an email notification when that position changes.

3. Strava Segment Details by Jonathan O’Keefe. Enhanced segment details screen, with KOM leaderboard history, full details on all rides for a segment, annual summaries, and more.

4. Annual Summary.  by Jonathan O’keeffe. Annual summary of all your rides by year, bike, location, and more. Great way to get detailed statistics including total elevation by year, which Strava does not provide.

5. Raceshape  Compare your rides against others using time gap analysis.

6. Garmin Virtual Partner with Strava Riders by Raceshape. Export a VR partner for a Strava segment and compete against the KOM.

7. Heatmap by Raceshape.  A scalable, sharable, updatable heatmap of all your Strava activities. Check out my heatmap or for Chris Phipps.

8. Multi-ride mapper by Jonathan O’keeffe. Similar to Heatmap showing all your Strava rides on a single scalable map.

My Heatmap by x.raceshape.


Who’s behind the great tools?

Featured on TheGearCaster, Race Shape was started by pro cyclist Paul Mach who wanted to figure out what actually happens between the start and finish line in bike races. Paul did such a great  job with Race Shape that Strava offered him a job. Surely we will see some of the great Raceshape features showing up on Strava.

According to Non Pro Cycling, Jonathan O’Keeffe is software developer and a road cyclist, living in the Connecticut River valley in western Massachusetts. Lets see how long before he is also added to the roster of Strava developers.

Jonathan and Paul share the passion for bike riding with Ben Lowe, who is behind Veloviewer. Ben is based in the UK and works as Innovation Consultant at Tribal Labs, focused on using existing and emerging technologies to provide inspirational user experiences. So when Strava is setting up a UK office they might as well get Ben onboard for his great job with VeloViewer.

What Strava analytical features are still missing?

One of the things I keep looking for is a tool that lets you see a segment by date. Recently we did the Hans’ Birthday Ride which included a set of KOM challenges. It would be great to see how the different riders performed on that day and not get the entire KOM list with past performances.

Leave a comment if you come to think of other great features missing.



you mentioned the issue with the segment/kom pages. they just need to make the columns that are already there sortable. So you could click on date, watts, or whatever. the info is there, it just needs to be coded in a way that allows you to sort by parameter.


Thanks for the links to the Strava tools on my site. On the segment by date question, you can already get this information, in a way, on my segment details page ( The “Full Results” tab shows everyone who has ever ridden the segment (not just the best time for each rider, like on the Strava site) and is sortable by name, date, and segment time. So if you want to see everyone who ride the segment on a given day, just sort the list by date and you’ll easily be able to see this.

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