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Jacob Berkman climbs to the top at University Road Race 35+ 123

“A 3-mile mountainous loop of well-paved University roads.”

Basically a long 1-corner crit, with a hill. The hill has 2 longer,
gradual sections up to the start/finish/feed, then flattens out before
a short, steep section. Non-technical descent with a corner before
starting the climb again.

14 laps; no free lap rule 🙁
2010 (E4/5): DNP (Broken seat post binder at bottom of hill on 1st lap!)
2011 (P/1/2): 14th/43
2014 (P/1/2): DNF (no legs after San Ardo)

Overcast, cool, calm.

Chris Phipps, Brenon Daly, & Joel Pennington.

Thirsty Bear win.

“It is a fairly straight-forward race, so I don’t think we need too much of a plan.” — Brenon

A “small but strong” field; Carinio + a couple of teammates, Birky (last year’s winner) & Hoadley for R4R, Jonathan Baker, and Roemer, plus a few others.
The first time up the hill there were a couple of attacks; one by Jason Siegle which was covered by Joel but pretty much came back together. 2nd lap the two R4R guys start to roll off the front and I jumped to cover it, then Jason Siegle came up and sort of countered and I jumped on that, and the pack “let” us go (this time up was my peak 1’-5’ power for the race).
I’d like to say that I just hammered away in the break all day, but since I was lucky enough to have two teammates in the pack who’ve won this race in the past, and my legs had felt terrible for the last couple of weeks, I was just covering and wasn’t pulling. To my surprise, Jason seemed to be OK pulling all the way up the climb, as long as I took a (short) pull on the descent.
He kept the pace pretty high on the climb but it was pretty steady and after a few laps wasn’t worried about hanging on. We couldn’t see the pack behind us, and got a time gap from the feed: 2:30.
Situations like this don’t come up for me often, and I really didn’t want to blow it after “sitting in” all day. At the bottom of the descent on the last lap, Jason didn’t pull through like he’d done every lap, so I just rode hard tempo up the climb. We hit the last pitch and he hadn’t jumped yet so I took off. I could see his front wheel behind me slipping back as I crossed the line for my first win in 2 1/2 years!
Chris had gotten away from the field with a lap or two to go with another rider and took 4th, with Brenon in 5th to bring home half the t-shirts.
1st Me
4th Chris Phipps
5th Brenon Daly
DNP (?) Joel Pennington (slow leak in rear tire)
Even if your legs feel bad, Golden Cheetah knows best.

Distance: 61.4 km
Time: 1:45:24
Elevation Gain: ~1463 m
Avg Speed: 34.8 km/h
Max Speed: 66.4 km/h
Avg HR: 154 bpm
Max HR: 178 bpm
Avg Power: 245 W
Max Power: 837 W
TSS: 180

// j

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