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Jan “Sprint King” is 2nd fastest in California at Masters 40-44 Criterium State Championships

Masters 40-44 Criterium Championships

Teammate: Corey Scobie
40 racers
50 minute race
Pleasanton, CA
This was one of the races I have been trying to peak for all year. I love racing crits and really wanted to win the state champ jersey.
Corey, who lives in Pleasanton, invited me to his house so we can be away from the course and just have a relaxing warm up and get out of the sun/heat if we wanted to. I thought the race was at 3pm, when in fact the race was at 4pm. So I showed up an hour early. Better early then late.
Corey and I watched some of the Vuelta stage and hung out inside the AC’ed house. His kids were playing in the pool, which sorta looked more fun then trying to race in 90 degree weather.
We warmed up cruising around Pleasanton. Then went back to the house to grab some ice to bring to the race. We rode the 10 minutes over to the course, watched the 45-49 finish, and then packed our jerseys with ice cubes.
We lined up with the rest of the 40-44 guys, about 40 of us. Mikes Bikes had 7 guys, Zoca had 4 guys, and the rest were ones and twos. I was hoping for a breakaway.

The race starts and we are off. I make a fake attack in the first lap to see who is interested in going. This sort of starts the race, and we are going hard from then on. Mikes chases us back. Then there are a few more attempts at breaks but everything is being chased back. 10 minutes into the race I find myself chasing Steve Pelaez from Mikes, who is off the front. I take one guy with me, who is from SoCal and can’t win the State Championship, but can win the race…He just isn’t eligible for the jersey. Thinking this might be a good move, we get to Steve a lap later and we start out three man rotation. We get as much as 25 seconds, but really only had 20 seconds most of the race. At some point Oliver Ryan from Mikes bridges up to our three man group. Now Mikes has two guys. I attack to see if I can split the group, but the guy from SoCal chases me down with the two Mikes guys on his wheel. I settle for the 4 man rotation keeping an eye on the Mikes guys for an attack. We then see the lap cards count down, but we also hear the gap at 15 sec. We are all tired from the long break, are giving it gas still, but we get caught with two laps to go. Shit. Now I turn to sprint mode. I fight for position near the front of the pack. I want Dana Williams’ wheel since he is my main competition. But Mikes Scot Bromstead is sitting on Dana’s wheel as the sweeper. As we round the course I know I HAVE to be on Dana’s wheel if I want a chance to win. So just before the third corner I move up next to Scot and on to Dana’s wheel. Patiently waiting for the last corner I try to jump as hard as I can out of the last corner, but Dana, who had been sitting in the entire race and not spending any effort was fresher then me, and he beats me for the win. I end up 2nd, Scot was third and Corey finished 7th.
Obviously I wish I could have won this race, but 2nd place isn’t bad. Corey and I tried our best and we stuck to our plan.

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