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Joe Amon and Duane Coughlan take top spots in Monterey.

Race Report by Joe Amon

Thanks for all the congrats, people. Scot McLean and I did the Masters 45 3/4.

There is not a whole lot of race report to do when you just sit in and wait fora sprint, so this will be brief. Forty-one starters in our race. Several break attempts went off on all laps but nothing getting more than 20 seconds. I told Scot I wouldn’t put this in the report, but he said if I didn’t he would. Coming into the second-to-last lap, Scot came around to the front and started drilling it just before the Start/Finish line. I was tucked in 4th wheel and was thinking, Damn, he’s putting in a dig.

And then he sat up after he crossed the line, and I said, “Dude, you need to save that for the last lap.” He looked at me and said, “duh, I’m such an idiot. I thought that was the last lap.” On the actual last lap, going over the last hill, I was sitting third wheel which I thought was a little too far forward. I’d rather have a little more draft for that flat stretch before the two turns into the final 100 meters. But that’s where I was.The Symantec guy on the front had attacked several times, so I assumed he was pretty tired. I just tucked in and drafted, and he kept drilling it on the descent and the whole flat stretch leading into the second-to-last corner. It was the most relaxed I’ve ever felt going into a sprint, so I was able to think clearly. I knew there was no way this Symantec guy could hold this to theline, and I was running the risk of finding myself at the front with too far togo. But I started my sprint anyway sooner than I normally would, hoping to catch people by surprise and it worked. I know it was just a 3/4 race, but it sure felt good to win. Thanks again, everybody!

Duane Coughlan got in a 5 man break in the 35+1234 race and finished a solid second – well done Duane!

Photo credits: Tim Westmore



Well done Joe, Duane – and Scot for winning the ‘second-to-last lap’ 😉 Joe – thanks for a great race report. Makes me want to train even more to be able to sit in with you guys.


Good to see real expertise on display. Your cottiibunron is most welcome.

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