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Max makes it happen at Joseph Mendes Criterium

Temp. Cool slight overcast 60’s
Field size: 40 or so racers
IDTB racers: Dan, Jay, Jan, Max (2nd place)

Race started off slow 1st lap, then various San Jose guys tried to break on lap 2 of about 19.  No one got away entirely then San Jose rider (they had 8 guys) and a few others got away including Alan (IDTB).  They stayed about 10sec up for 1 lap then I was getting ready at the front for the counter.  A few more attacks went nothing stuck, then about 1/2 way through this lap Don Langley (Morgan Stanley/Barney) went hard got a quick gap, I jumped hit it hard got his wheel, didn’t look back for 50yds going all out.  We kept building a gap, harder better, faster, stronger no wait that’s a Daft Punk song, anyway we were digging deep every lap, Alan had dropped out had a minor crash I think so he was calling time gaps.  We had 20sec, 24, 27 next time then it started coming down with about another 25min left of racing.  Thought once or twice how was I going to keep up Don’s pace, but I kept glued to his wheel and took an even number of pulls.  Have to say Don was riding really well and was telling me to push it, push it.  I almost faded a few times, but never gave up.  I saw some 184HR numbers, backed it down a little so as not to blow.  Our lead did come down but we eventually built it back up to 35sec again and then on the last lap we had 50+ sec.  This was it last lap, it all looked good, I told Don he get’s the win (like I was going to contest a national track champion) because he had driven us and was riding stronger.  He knew he was going to win however I guess he didn’t trust me as he sprinted out the last 25m.  We also took 2 primes which we split.   It was another great day of great racing I was very pleased to be on the podium with a strong field of racers that we rode away from. 
Thanks for reading,
Max Thompson

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