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Max “Thunderdome” finish 3rd at RR and 5th TT at US Nationals TT 55-59

Max & Alan at the Front at US Nationals Master 55-59
Max & Alan at the Front at US Nationals Master 55-59

First of all I want to express my gratitude to all of our amazing sponsors and this incredible cycling team that came together to support each other both on and off the bike during Masters Nationals.   Everyone present stepped up to race and lend a hand to those racing!!

All The Bears that came to race did the Bears proud with their  fantastic results, Jason 6th TT, 6th RR, Joel 32ndRR, Jacob 8th RR!!! Piers rallied to finish 14th TT, 7th RR.

Jan looked very smooth with Corey and Jason working at the front, got into a break that was brought back and was sadly stopped on his podium quest by a crash two turns before the end(I feel for you Jan glad you stayed upright) .

The team is thankful to Alan who drove the Pelophant  and 15+ bikes along with racers across 2 states as well as organizing lodging and doing so much more in many other ways. Alan also raced 3 races finishing high (11th TT, 19th RR)

All the selfless workers in the 45’s RR the Daly Bro’s, and Jay “who” , DQ chasing breaks helping close the TB Gold for Phipps.

Anne made it look easy sweeping up gold in the TT and RR. and The energy at the team house in Ogden UT was electric and as a team we swept Gold medals, Bronze medals podium spots, BAR and BAT!!!   Everyone knows who ThirstyBear is if they didn’t know before.  We stamped the Bear mark on The USA.  Very happy for the team.

Also a big thanks to Craig Upton, Stacy Sims, and  all my friends and family who cheered along the training path for me!!   I could not have done this without all of you.  Also want to thank Dani (Piers wife) who really helped the team at the house with food, clean-up  bottles despite carrying around a little bambino.  I award Dani the ultra team mom award, GOLD medal.

TT report:

About 24 racers

Weather:  slight tailwind going out

20.1mi 34k.

I trained for the TT for about for five months and was very excited to see if I could put down a good time. My main competition was Gary Painter who has won nationals multiple times, he had just also returned from world championships with a  podium spot in fifth-place .  There was also Mark Zimbleman and Mark  Schaefer, Joe Foster was my man California competition. I decided I would hit it hard. Everything started out great except I went too hard. Course was smooth I started losing power coming back so the best I could bandage was 46:21 for 5th place.  I think I went a little to hard going out(wish I could say I was unique here).  As it happened I was only 12 sec off 4th place and 15 or off 3rd.

I had hoped for a much better place but with this competition it was the best I could do this year.   At least I was in the medals!   Next year I will go out a little slower and try to pick up the pace halfway through.

Next up RR

53 Racers

Weather: About 75deg

Distance 74k or  about 45mi.

Flat course with 2 x14min hills to the finish

Thirsty Bears: Alan and I


Alan and I decided basically try to keep the race together for two laps around the reservoir.  There were many attacks as we got down to the reservoir, mostly we were marking about five or six guys.  Two of those guys started jumping constantly very early and we were able to cover the moves for the most part.  With about one lap to go I had been pulling back breaks with Alan and the other two guys went and I was running out of bullets. I waited hoping some of the others would chase but no such luck with four guys off the front they quickly got a minute and a half.  As we approached the final two climbs the group split very quickly into about 10 chasers up the hill and we went full gas. I was feeling really good so I put down a hard effort.  The group of racers were struggling to stay with me. We came up on one of the four in the break who pulled over on the road. One down three to go.  I later found out he pulled over for no reason, very odd(ex pro Alexi Grewal).   We started to accelerate more nearing the top of the hill. I punched it and got a gap.  I just did 1 mile on my own and build more of a gap.  Started to climb the last 3 miles up to the finish.  I got into TT mode and hoped to catch up to first and second and 3rd. I was able to take back one minute on the 3 up the road.  At about 1 mile to go I passed one of the three who tried to hold on to to me but I dropped him.  As I got around to the final 1K to go I could see the two leaders in the distance but it was too late they had 30+ seconds on me.

I was able to finish third-place good enough for another Bronze Medal!    My fitness was definitely there, I just missed the winning move.  Alan 19th Pl.

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My new name for Chris is “Hops”.

Thanks all,

Max  aka: Thunderdome

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