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Men’s 45+ 2016 Year-in-Review

Contributor: Tom Lyons
As the “middle” age group for the club, the 45+ team gets to race down with the 35’s and also have the 55’s race with us on occasion. For 2016, the club, in general, enjoyed great success and many fun times out there on the roads. I’ll recap the 45 team below (results taken from USAC):
We got going early with a win at the Cal Aggie Crit in the 35+ prior to what would become a huge weekend at the Chico Stage Race. Spreading out over the 35+ and 45+ races, we would win both GC’s and both TT’s at Chico. As part of that event, we posted a ridiculous 1-2-3 in the 45+ road race that showed the incredible teamwork that would produce 1-2-4 in the overall 45+ GC. A trip to Arizona for the Tucson Bicycle Classic followed in March with the Bears going 1-3 in the final circuit race resulting in 1-3 GC as well. Copperopolis is one of the early classic spring road races and a favorite of climbers and those who like rough roads. We somehow got three Bears in a break of four and played it well resulting in a 1-3-4 finish.
A 35+ win at Berkeley was the lead in to nationals where we placed two Bears on the 4th step of the TT podium (45-49; 50-54). Mt Hamilton saw TB on the top step once again as the spring season came to a close.
The NCNCA TT and Hill Climb Championships were held in June. Districts and Nationals break up into 5 year age groups while most every other event during the year consists of 10 yr age groups. The Bears took the top step in the 50-54 TT and 45-49 HC with a 2-3 podium in the 45-49 TT. Then it was time to go after the crits with wins at Burlingame, Colavita, and Red Kite-July. On one late weekend in July, TB took the Crossfire Hurricane TT and the Bump-Summer races. San Rafael Crit closed out the month with TB taking the top step in the 45+3/4 race.


August is full of hard racing and that was just fine with TB. Combining the 35+ and 45+ in one race at Patterson turned out to give the 45’s a rare chance to help the 35 team in a race. After about halfway, TB had the 45+ podium wrapped up with only three TB’s left at the front of the race. We turned our attention to helping the 35’s win that division…. And they did! Dunnigan followed with a rather unique race plan to get TB in the break and then try to bridge up (essentially chasing down the teammate in the break). This was by design and the race plan certainly confused many in the peloton. It resulted in an extremely hard race with a successful bridge to the remnants of the break which included a teammate giving two TB’s in a pack of three at the end. Teamwork once again (see Copperopolis) put us on the top step (and third step) for the day. Of course we kept our presence in the crits winning the Red Kite-August 35+ race and the NCNCA 50-54 championships. To complete the well-rounded results, the 45+ Bears closed out the year winning the Esparto TT.

The team:
Chris Phipps, Gardie Jackson, Shawn Daly, Jay Newton, Tom Lyons, Dan Quirk, Brenon Daly, Holger Steinbach, Scot McLean, Lance Haag, Rod Sperling, Jim Grant, Peter Baderstcher, Eric Lagier, Aaron Long, Duane Coughlin, CJ Wolf, Dan Palmer, Phil Hynes
Lance Haag graduates to the 55’s and we welcome Ken Gallardo into the 45’s plus new addition Dan Tedford.
San Bruno is coming soon…. Here we go again!

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