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Sea Otter Weekend

Loads of fast racing this weekend at Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA.

On Friday’s Circuit Race we saw Greg McQuaid take 9th in the 35+123, Dan Palmer 10th in the 3s, and Hans Gouwens 11th in the 45+123 field.
Saturday turned out much better with Mari Chandler taking 1st place in the women 3/4 race, Chris Lundy finished 4th, and Tanya Fredricks 6th.
Just like the Circuit Race, the 45+123 Road Race was stacked with national champs, but Hans Gouwens was able to get 8th from a chasing group.
The 35+123 guys delivered big time with 2 podium spots – see race report below:

Iron Bears: Brenon Daly, Paul Dyrwal, Greg McQuaid, Chris Phipps, Tom Roberts.

Paul initiated the initial 4 man break on the 2nd lap of 6 with Jan Weissenberger (Safeway), Tore Nauta & Conrad Snover (MarcPro Strava). They quickly got about 30 sec & Kevin Metcalfe (Specialized) did a lot of work to try & bring it back but couldn’t get it under 30 sec. He attacked hard a couple times, but Brenon & Tom were all over him. When John Hunt (Cal Giant) attacked on the 4th lap Greg & I were on his wheel. We saw that we had a gap & decided to work with him since 3 of 7 in the break would be better than 1 of 4. Greg took a few real hard digs to help up get up to the break, but unfortunately did not have the legs once we got close & fell off (I was pulling at the time & did not realize that we had capped Greg – sorry about that). Once I noticed that Greg was gapped I sat up, but we had the break in our sights, so I went on with John & joined the break. We worked pretty well together & no one really attacked, preferrin! g to just wait & let the final climb decide it.

On the final lap about 2K before the climb, Paul attacked & got a nice gap. This was perfect for me since the others in the break had to work hard to chase. Unfortunately for Paul, he had his head down & overshot the final right turn before the finish climb, so he lost his gap & the 6 of us were back together. Once the climb started I threw in a hard attack & got away to solo into the finish. Paul & Jan were able to drop the other 3 in the break, but Jan was able to get a little gap on Paul with a hard surge on the flat part mid climb, & was able to hold that advantage to the finish.

Very happy to get 2 of us on the podium though! Brenon & Tom rode strong & I think were 9-10. Greg, thanks for the help bridging up to the break!

Great team effort & I am really looking forward to helping you guys in the weeks ahead!

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