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Tanya Fredricks and Chris Lundy Climb to the top at Sea Otter Road Race

I am writing this under pressure from  top management….
Chris Lundy, Jenny Wong, Christy Smith and I all had plans to race the Sea Otter road race, but when we got there and felt the heat, we considered just going surfing for the day.  Unfortunately, because of the cost of the race and the lure of the thousands of sweaty people all around, we decided to stay.
53 Cat 3/4 women started together (and maybe more that never got in the results, including Christy) for the 41 mile 4 laps of hot fun.  I’m not totally sure what transpired in the first lap, although I heard one gal say that half the field was dropped up the first climb.  Chris, Jenny and myself remained in the front group of about 15 for the remaining 3 laps.  The only attacking seemed to be on the descents (great, I just love that) by the other Tania in the race (who ended up third).  Chris and I were usually the first two up the climbs, and then I found myself in mid pack for most of the descents (no surprise there).  Thankfully the race ended on a hill : )
The pace picked up when we approached the final climb out of the canyon.  A couple gals got on the front of our group of 15 and held tempo as we started the climb.  Things got strung out quickly, with only about 10 of us now still hanging on.  With 1K to go, the shedding peaked.  Now we were down to about 5 or 6 gals.  It’s about here where I looked down and found my little pain cave so I’m not sure when I passed the last gal (maybe 300 to go?).  I could hear the 16 year old behind me at 200 to go, but hoped she would feel sorry for the old gal and let me cross the line without a fight.  Nope.  No age before beauty.  She caught me at the line by about a wheels length.  Thankfully she was Cat 4 : ) 
Chris came in right behind with gearing issues and all (and “I’m just going to sit in the back of this race for training”).  Jenny got 8th!  Christy came in strong despite being feverish and sore although the results don’t have her listed?    Great job Thirsty Gals!

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