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The Lyon of Dunnigan

Paul Dyrwal crashes in the 35+123, but Tom Lyons wins the 45+123 race, Jay Klein taking 5th.  Alan Nevin takes 6th in the 35+4, Alan Roberts 9th in the 45+4.

Race report Tom Lyons:

Jay Klein and I headed out to Dunnigan today for our 86mi race in the 45+123s . I entered last week when I saw it was two laps. My goal was to help Jay get a top-6 t-shirt and have some fun out there over the longer race distance. We went back and forth with race talk during the week and I felt good about our plans. My plan was to NOT sit in the pack, be in a break, and have Jay there too at some point. After about 10mi of easy riding, I told Jay I was getting impatient and then asked Jan Elsbach if he wanted to get in a break. He thought it was too early, which was probably right. However, I wound up in the front of the race about five seconds after that and shifted, stood, and mashed the pedals for a bit. I got a gap then held it for a couple miles waiting for a group to bridge up. The whole pack caught me and settled in for about a half a second and I went again from the front. This time, after a few miles, four guys came up (Elsbach, a Davis guy, a Sierra Nevada guy (Brown), and Molinari from Form Fitness. It looked like a good group with one problem: no Morgan Stanley guys. For the next 20 miles, we only got a minute up then were caught by a couple MS guys. I was hoping Jay was enjoying the ride but he told me later he was a bit more involved with trying to latch on to bridge attempts.

Shortly after the start of the second lap, the big chase group caught up and we were back together. My break-mates settled in but I stayed near the front looking for more action. Pasco (Safeway) looked interested along with a couple other guys. Jay got a solo gap after a hill and I followed the others up to him. We had a group of six but not Morgan Stanley, so I thought we were doomed. However, I think those guys were not interested in chasing it down again so we opened it to 2:45 at one point. Jay and I were two of six in the break! A new Davis guy (Schnaars), a Wells Fargo guy (Vandenberghe), and one other. I was starting to realize that if this stuck, I would be in a break for about 70mi today. And, I was starting to feel the effects! Jay was looking good. We were talking. All I cared about was keeping this group together to the end and making sure he was in it. I did my part but Pasco made it stick. Schnarrs did some work too. As did Jay. We were doing great and then one guy drifted off the back. With 3mi to go we could tell it was going to stick and we started thinking of the finish. I don’t know if any of us were looking forward to the sprint, but we gave it a go as we rounded a corner and headed 1500m to the line across a potholed road. With five of us, the poor road conditions were not a problem. Jay took the lead setting up a nice pace from 800m to 200m which enabled me to get in position to sprint. At 200m to go, Pasco jumped. Wells Fargo was next. I was on him and Schnarrs was boxed on the right. We had the whole road and I swung out and give it a real hard acceleration to the line. I looked back at 50m and was relieved to see that no one was able to get on my wheel when I jumped. I came across a bike length ahead of Pasco with Schnaars (Davis) ahead of WF. Jay was 5th. Mission accomplished.

This season has been a lot of fun in the races we’ve had multiple IDTB guys in the the action. Today was a huge highlight having Jay in the break and finishing together like that. I’ve mentioned before – Jay was instrumental in our team’s success at Hamilton and Pescadero this summer. I was thrilled when I saw he was entered today and even more fired up that we pulled off a huge race. Great teamwork!

Tom Lyons

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