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ThirstyBear Cycling Piers Barry celebrates his last cat 4 race finishing 2nd at Pescadero RR 35+ 4

Pescadero Road Race 2013

Cat 4 35+
Conditions: Cool fog at the start and warm sun at the finish
Results: 2nd place, prime.
No team mates in this race with me, and a very strong group from Team Oakland showed up with 5 riders.  I was trying to figure out how to not have to chase down every break–but just decided to stay at or near the front the whole race to at least be aware of how might be up the road in the event of a break.  After 3 wins in a row I could hardly go up to the front to pull through without inciting a little panic in the field that I might be trying to go off the front again.  The first prime was at 4 miles or so from the start.  I couldn’t tell if 2 riders were breaking away off the front or just going for the prime.  I didn’t want to let anything go and then have to chase, so I popped off the front and chased them back down bringing Eddie Silva from One Way racing with me.  I offered to lead him out for the prime as he’s always pulling through in every race.  He jumped on and I yelled out “Go Eddie” as we came up to the line.  He thought the line was another 100 yards up the road and didn’t come around–I accidentally got my first prime ever–20 dollars.  Fortunately he got the timing down and grabbed the 2nd one on offer 28 miles later.
I had heavy feeling legs from Hamilton, Tuesday night and Col du Pantoll and I couldn’t get any type of rhythm or normal feeling going.  At the feed zone I went to the front, then pushed the pace enough to shed the field down to 10 riders.  Just Morgan Raines was able to stay up there comfortably and I should have paid more attention to this fact later.  I eased up at the top, and went cautiously down the descent in first position as I’ve never done the descent before.  The entire field was back together by the end of the descent although one rider crashed off into the bushes he was able to get back on and rejoin the field.

Last race in the ‘little league’. 
The second lap was marked by a long, solid solo breakaway from a rider from San Jose–couldn’t figure out who this was.  Berkeley Bicycle club kept sending riders up to bridge across, but I kept closing the gap, not wanting 2 riders off the front.  We were closing the gap but then came across a bad looking crash in the women’s field where a number of rider were sprawled across the ground.  We slowed, and then had to chase back again after passing through.  At the feed zone I pushed the pace at the front again to see who was still around, but no big efforts yet.  We started the final climb of Haskins towards the finish and kept it moderate until 2 K to go.  Just after that I hit out hard.  I could hear a few riders saying “go! this is it!” but no one followed.  I kept going and looked back at 1 K to go with no one in sight and eased up.  Same at 500m to go.  No one in sight.  At 200m to go I really eased off the pace and started to cruise in, looking up to see where Danielle was at the finish.


Surprise attack from Morgan Raines of Bike Trip. Even his number is a big secret. Photo: Brad Goodson Photography
I actually sat up at this point just a short way from the line, completely oblivious that Morgan Raines was closing the gap behind me.  I was totally clueless and didn’t realize he was there until he nipped past me at the line!  Oops!   Classic mistake I’ve seen on TV, read about on cycling reports and didn’t think would happen to me.  It did.  Morgan did a great job hanging in there and pushing all the way in, and I completely screwed up the finish by sitting up.
Victory gone in a split second of not paying attention. Oops – who flew by? Photo: Brad Goodson Photography
Victory gone in a split second of not paying attention. Oops – who flew by? Photo: Brad Goodson Photography
There are some classic pictures on facebook.  Lesson learned….  I already got my confirmation email from usa cycling for the Cat 3 upgrade–ready to race with the Eric Lagier and the big boys now.

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