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ThirstyBear Cycling sweeps the podium at the San Bruno Hill Climb 2014

3 Strong Bears on the podium – Chris, Hans & Dan – Congratulations
3 Strong Bears on the podium – Chris, Hans & Dan – Congratulations



Greg racing for the finish!
Greg racing for the finish!
Piers burning the last matches
Piers burning the last matches

Photo courtesy of David Cheung. Click for more pictures from the race

Men 35+ 1/2/3 Race Report by Greg McQuaid

With Phipps racing in the 45+ field for the first time, a bunch of other strong 45+ guys seized the opportunity and decided to race with the 35+ youngsters instead!

The field was stacked with Kevin Metcalfe, Dan Martin and Nick Theobald definitely being the guys to watch. Piers and I planned to conserve as much as possible for the first two-thirds, figuring about 10 strong guys would still be around with 1K to go.

And that’s pretty much what ended up happening. We knew Dan Martin would go at some point but thought it would probably be earlier. Instead he launched a blistering attack that nobody could match. With Dan’s teammate Nick just following wheels, Scott Bromstead, Piers and I tried to give chase to no avail. With 500m to go the field had completely shattered and we limped across the line with me in 4th and Piers in 6th.

Afterwards Piers and I played a game of coulda, shoulda, woulda but ultimatly its hard to complain with a good hard race and sub 16min times. It was January 1st after all…onwards and upwards to 2014!



Super woman Tanya flyes to the finish!!


Tanya’s great start of 2014 season winning at San bruno Hill Climb.


Women Cat 3/4  Elite

1. Tanya Fredricks

9. Leila Cavanaugh


Men  35+ Cat 1/2/3

4. Greg McQuaid
6. Piers (Batman) Barry – missing his Robin…which would have made all the difference 😉

Men  45+ Cat 1/2/3

1. Chris Phipps
2. Hans Gouwens
3. Dan Quirk – Great start for our new team member at Thirstybear Cycling.
6. Gardie Jackson

Men  55+ Cat 1/2/3

8th – Alan Roberts

Overall results click here


San Bruno Hill Climb Strava Segment:


Here’s what the race looked like from Chris Phipps point of view via Google Glass. (Race start is 5:35 into the video)
Chris chasing his own shadow
Chris chasing his own shadow
Google glass borrowed from Mateo at Strava.
Thanks to PenVelo for organizing an epic race!



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