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ThirstyBear’s Aaron Long takes Silver medal at the 2016 Season opener down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aaron Long is showing great strength and finish 2nd.
Aaron Long is showing great strength and finish 2nd.

2016 Copa Rio Series Race  #1  Circuit Race

March 13. 2016
Class M50+
Wet with a downpour about half way into the hour long event.
4.4 km flat loop with 2 hairpins, 4 lanes wide, sprint narrowed to 2 for some unknown reason! – huge puddles mid race
As the first race of 2016 in a new age category the plan was to sit in and read the race…especially with early season fitness.
Knew going in Afonso Celso was the 2015 Brazil National Ranking points winner and favored  the sprint.
Douglas, new to the age group too had won some big races last season, also a sprinter.
As I’ve never been the fastest finisher I was looking to get into a move in the 2nd half of the event and take my chances…
With 25 racers on the line the whistle sounded and off we went into mind numbing pedestrian pace…
virtually no one looking to work just ride the wheel.  Eventually we had a few attacks and Vanderlay managing a solo lap with about a 15” gap but winds, rain and other age groups unfortunately for him, assisting in the chase.  Moto’s did not do their job initially separating groups and that discouraged any moves for a few laps.  With about 20’mins to go I tried a number attacks but always either Afonso or Douglas always glued to the wheel and unwilling to work.  I’m fairly certain that anyone rolling a T-Bear kit is on the ‘no fly’ list these days with all the successes at U.S. Nate…thanks guys!
Into the last corner I came second exiting in the lead and let the dogs out – Full Gaz! …thought my chance for a result would be from the front by creating a gap but with 500m to the line it was a bit optimistic.  With about 100m to go I looked back (don’t do that) and had 10m but they were charging and I held on for a podium.

If you’re gonna pin all your hopes and dream on one monster last lap move go all in and Don’t look back!
Focus on the finish line and go all the way though.
While watching the race that followed – during a victory salute a racer got pipped on the line! …don’t ever want to be that guy!
NP 279
P-max 1092
HR 149
Cad 89
Vel 38kph
Time 1:00:53

Format credit to: //jacob

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