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Unstoppable Jason Gets Victory Pie at Cherry Pie Crit +35 123

For the second day in a row, Jason steps up on the podium!
For the second day in a row, Jason steps up on the podium!

After having lapped the field and finished 2nd at BP Winter Crit, Jason is right back at it! Here is how it went down…

Late… because I always run late for crits, I got my number and got dressed in the car, listening to the heavy pelting wind and rain.  “It’s nice in here,” I thought.  “Maybe I should just stay warm instead of racing.”  I took my time getting dressed and had already resigned myself to an abbreviated warm-up.  I forgot my trainer, so I rolled down the parking lot hill a couple times and my butt was already getting soggy from the road.

Rolling to the start, there were 4 Mikes Bikes, 4 LangeTwins, and a collection of others.  Hunter Ziesing from Hammer showed up with the wrong number and quickly joined our field.  It was his second (maybe third) race.  There were about 10 of us total.  Hunter said he was going to attack from the gun… and he did.

I started from the back of the group, being extra cautious on the first turn and Hunter, Greg Tsutaoka (LangeTwins), and Mike Foley (Mikes Bikes) went clear right away.  With several teammates in the field, I knew that this first lap break was likely the move that would stick, so I immediately motored up to their group.  By the time I got there, Greg was already calling “uncle” and was unable to pull through.

Mike & Hunter were both barking at Greg for him to pull through & I said that we needed him in our group if we were going to stay clear.  Greg was in our group for now.

The race continued for a couple more laps with everyone but Greg taking some pulls.  There was a nasty headwind on the final stretch and it always sapped your energy when you did work into the wind, then had to hit the final 400m climb.  Greg dropped out of our group & pulled the plug on himself and then there were 3 of us.

Mike took 2 primes and I took 2.  Hunter sat out of all of them, saying, “I’m just happy to be out here.”  Our tempo was good and we had locked up the podium.

With about 6 to go, the chief ref screams at us that Hunter didn’t register and that he needs to drop from the race.  Huh?  Hunter continues with us and would end up being ineligible for the race.

Two laps to go, I try a hard dig on the backside and coming into the straight and final stretch.  I pull off in the final stretch, letting Mike come by.  We are going a bunch slower and he’s in the wind.  Coming into the hill, he’s a bit agitated and swings wide right for one of us to pull through.

Wide open door!  I pin it to the top of the hill and motor really fast through the turn at the bottom of the hill.  Hunter is with me.  Mike is off our group.  I continue to motor hard through the back side and then into the final stretch.

Looking back, we’re clear, so I need to keep something in reserve for the final sprint.  I ease up a bit, watching to see if Hunter is going to try to pull around.  At about 200m to go, I pop and give it everything I have… First.  Pie and primes are yummy!

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